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Whether you are a veteran collector, a novice or somewhere in between, welcome to one of the most enjoyable hobbies in the memorabilia space. There is nothing quite like a game used bat from players of all eras. The wooden baseball bat has evolved tremendously over the past century and the evolution can be traced in some of the most advanced private collections across the country.

Most of us collectors can remember the first time we were exposed to the hobby and the feeling we got when we realized that the public had access to these incredible baseball artifacts. For most of us, we were hooked immediately, we simply knew that we wanted to own a piece of used lumber. We started with one bat, and inevitably were consumed by the hobby and invested a considerable amount of time into learning while growing our collections.

There are many nuances within the hobby, from authenticity, value, quality, and personal preferences among collectors. For example, some collectors will only collect uncracked bats, some prefer cracked. Some collectors will only collect non-autographed bats, while others prefer signed. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what cannot be disputed is the uniqueness and inevitable sense of awe the first time you hold a bat which was used to make a stadium full of people stand and cheer.

The wide-grain, white-ash used for these gamers is a thing of beauty.

I invite you to dive in and immerse yourself into a hobby full of tremendous people and tremendous stories, from the whirlwinds of collecting to the sometimes unbelievable manner in which these artifacts were obtained and preserved. No matter your budget, there is a place for your collecting desires within the hobby. I encourage you to use the resources provided from within this website to steer you in the right direction and hopefully provide some collecting joy to share among your family and friends.

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